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Extreme Epoxy Solutions provides professional epoxy installation services, including removal of existing floor systems, surface preparation, and installation of the proper coating system for each unique application. We specialize in high-performance epoxy coatings and polyaspartic 3 layer garage coating for commercial and residential properties. Our customers include homeowners, restaurants, car dealerships, auto service stations, warehouses, light/heavy industrial facilities, fitness centers and much more.

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Residential Epoxy coatings can create a truly unique look to any area of a home. Metallic, Flake and Solid-color epoxy provide a stylish look with a high durability finish, perfect for any room, garage, driveway or patio. Seamless and nonporous, epoxy’s attractive surface is long-lasting and incredibly resilient.
Commercial Epoxy coatings provide a safe, sanitary, low maintenance surface. Quartz, glitter, base color, and company logo inlay’s are popular options for commercial epoxy flooring.

Extreme Epoxy Solutions
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Benefits of epoxy

Durable – Epoxy flooring provides a long-lasting, sturdy surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, large items on the surface, and liquid spills.


Decorative – Epoxy is available in an array of decorative finishes including glitter, solid colors, multicolor flakes, and metallic finishes. It can also be a clear-coat for 3D images and objects.

Extreme Epoxy Solutions
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frequently asked questionS

Epoxy flooring offers several benefits compared to alternative floor systems. In addition to having a low lifecycle cost thanks to its longevity and durability, it is also easy to maintain. It’s one of the few floor systems strong enough to withstand even the most demanding factory and commercial settings without deteriorating, and boasts an essentially unlimited amount of creative aesthetic options, making it ideal for any space!
When installed on bare concrete after diamond grinding, epoxy flooring can last many years. Industrial-grade epoxy can last up to 25+ years in a garage, basement, or other residential setting. Depending on use a new topcoat may be applied every 5-7 years. In commercial settings, epoxy last 10-15 years. Epoxy can even withstand harsh industrial settings for many years.
Epoxy is one of the most practical choices for your garage. Epoxy coating stops concrete dusting and creates a low-maintenance, colorful, and seamless floor system. Epoxy withstands road salt, abrasions, moisture, oil, and other spills to maintain its beautiful appearance for years to come. An attractive and easy-care flooring, epoxy is perfect for transforming your garage into a space for working on your car or a workshop. Garage epoxy flooring can even improve your home’s resale value.
While any floor can be slippery when wet, epoxy is significantly more slip-resistant than the majority of other surfaces, as it has a rubber-like surface. It is technically an 8.0 rating on the non-slip index. For more slip-resistance substances like quartz can be added.
Epoxy flooring is easy to maintain. It should be swept and mopped as needed. If your floor has cove protection and drainage, it can even be lightly pressure washed. The floor should be protected from damage as best as you can, however. This means using welding mats if you will be welding. Most cleaning products can be used safely on epoxy but you should avoid acidic solutions which may remove some gloss on the surface.
Yes, It is important to create a proper surface profile that the epoxy can adhere to. Before starting installation, we properly prepare the floor. Acid etching can be effective in some cases, but grinding and sanding is often needed.